Sight Sciences Announces Health Canada Approval of the TRAB™360 Trabeculotomy System

Sight Sciences, Inc., a venture-backed, commercial-stage ophthalmic medical device company announced today that it has received Health Canada approval for the TRAB™360 Trabeculotomy System. The TRAB™360 is indicated in Canada for the microcatheterization of Schlemm’s canal and cutting of trabecular meshwork to lower intraocular pressure (IOP) in patients with primary open angle glaucoma. From a single clear corneal incision, the TRAB™360 surgeon can complete a 360-degree trabeculotomy.

“My first cases with the TRAB™360 were all successful and my patients are doing well in terms of both pressure lowering and a reduction in medications. The device is elegant in design and the circumferential goniotomy procedure is restorative to the entire natural outflow pathway and is blebless in nature,” stated Dr. Paul Harasymowycz, head of glaucoma at the University of Montreal, medical director of the Montreal Glaucoma Institute and the Quebec Glaucoma Foundation, and a member of the Glaucoma Committee of the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery (ASCRS). “Given its unique ability to access all 360 degrees of diseased meshwork from an ab interno approach, the TRAB360 is an attractive, less invasive option for my glaucoma patients with moderate to advanced disease,” added Dr. Harasymowycz.

Paul Badawi, CEO of Sight Sciences, stated: “We are very pleased to learn of Dr. Harasymowycz’ successful first cases in Canada with the TRAB™360 System. We are excited to work with Dr. Harasymowycz and other thought leaders within the global glaucoma community to raise awareness around this comprehensive 360-degree procedure that improves the natural aqueous outflow pathway and requires only a single clear corneal incision to perform.”

About the TRAB™360 Trabeculotomy System: The TRAB™360 Trabeculotomy System is a fully integrated, single-handed, single-use device that offers 360-degree access to Schlemm’s canal via a single, sub-2mm, clear corneal incision. The TRAB™360 combines a custom access cannula, a soft and flexible trabeculotome with an atraumatic tip, and a control wheel that advances the flexible trabeculotome around Schlemm’s canal. A 360-degree goniotomy with the TRAB™360 can be used as a standalone procedure or combined with cataract surgery.

About Sight Sciences: Sight Sciences is a medical device company dedicated to the development of technology-driven solutions that address the underlying physiology of ophthalmic diseases. The company operates two business lines: surgical and non-surgical devices. Its surgical product portfolio consists of the TRAB™360 and VISCO™360 surgical devices. Its non-surgical product portfolio for both optometrists and ophthalmologists consists of wearable eyelid technologies in the advanced stages of development for evaporative dry eye. For more information, visit

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