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OMNI® Surgical System

OMNI® Surgical System Overview

VISCO360® Viscosurgical Videos

Viscosurgical System Training
Dr. Steven Sarkisian Microcatheterization and Transluminal Viscodilation of Schlemm's Canal
Dr. Ike Ahmed Microcatheterization and Viscodilation of Schlemm’s Canal Using Breakthrough 360° Gonioprism
Viscoelastic-Assisted Cyclodialysis
Viscoelastic-Assisted Posterior Synechiolysis
Viscoelastic-Assisted Anterior Synechiolysis
IOL Capsular Dissection
Viscoelastic-Assisted Transluminal Canal Dilation

TRAB®360 Trabeculotomy Videos

Trabeculotomy System Training
Dr. Steven Sarkisian 360° Goniotomy
Dr. Leon Herndon 360° Goniotomy - Endoscopic Anterior Chamber View


TearCare® Overview