Single Corneal Incision. 360° Goniotomy.

Complete a 360° goniotomy from a single, self-sealing, clear corneal incision. This “ab interno” or “clear corneal” approach spares the conjunctiva and sclera of any incisions.

Don’t Settle for Less Goniotomy

  • Gain access to all 360° of Schlemm’s canal
  • Using a single-handed instrument, the surgeon can perform a complete circumferential goniotomy from a single, clear corneal incision

Minimally Invasive, Implant-Free Surgical System

  • Employs an ab interno approach that is both implant-free and sutureless
  • Stand-alone procedure or combined with cataract surgery

Maximum Control

  • Manually operated, single-handed, single-use solution that delivers exceptional usability and maximum access