Single Corneal Incision. 360° of Access.

From an ab interno approach and using an advanceable microcatheter, the VISCO360® Viscosurgical System facilitates the delivery of controlled volumes of viscoelastic fluid anywhere in the anterior segment.

Implant-Free, Single-Handed, Microcatheter and Viscoelastic-driven Surgical System

  • Employs an ab interno approach that spares the conjunctiva and sclera of any incisions
  • Integrates a microcatheter, roller gear mechanism, and viscoelastic infusion pump into a single-handed system
  • Stand-alone procedures or combined with cataract surgery

Common Viscosurgical Techniques Facilitated by the VISCO360® Viscosurgical System:

  • Viscodilation of outflow canal
  • Viscoelastic-assisted anterior synechiolysis
  • Viscoelastic-assisted posterior synechiolysis
  • Viscoelastic-assisted cyclodialysis
  • Viscogonioplasty